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CarQuiz Math Game

Frequently Asked Questions



What is CarQuiz?
CarQuiz is a math game for kids, where the player races around a track answering math equations. The objective of the game is to get as many correct answers as possible.


Why get CarQuiz?
CarQuiz builds skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It has different levels of math difficulty, and has features that allow the player to practice operators randomly or one at a time.


Who is this app for?
CarQuiz is for anyone who wants or needs to practice their basic math skills. Ideally the game is for kids ages 5 to 12. It can also help adults, too!


Which platforms will run CarQuiz?
CarQuiz was designed for the iPad 4 and above. With a successful launch of the game, we hope to offer CarQuiz on other platforms.


Is there a multiplayer option?
CarQuiz is single-player only at this time, but we have discovered that kids enjoy helping each other while playing. Plus we have designed the game to have 5 different profiles. Kids can invite their friends or siblings to create a profile where each player chooses their own car and character. Each profile keeps track of the player's progress separately from the others.


Where can I get CarQuiz Math Game?
CarQuiz is available now on the App Store.
We will soon be on Google Play.


How much does CarQuiz cost?
Because we offer no ads and no in-app purchases at this time, CarQuiz is a paid app. At this cost, it is a great option for math practice books and other games. Excellent replay value. CarQuiz has 3 levels of difficulty so players can play again and again, building their skills. At times, we will run specials.


Why the name CarQuiz?
CarQuiz was designed to keep kids busy while parents are driving around town. Each game lasts around 5 minutes - perfect for trips in the car, waiting in line, shopping for groceries, or while at the airport.


What makes CarQuiz unique?
CarQuiz combines the fun of a racing game, with math practice. Players can track their progress and review equations after each game. CarQuiz offers family sharing. Other apps have some of the same elements but none are quite like CarQuiz.


Where are the mental math tutorials?
Here is the link to tips and tricks on how to solve equations quickly.
Mental Math Tutorials


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