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CarQuiz Math Game



Skill Building
CarQuiz builds math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Players see an equation appear, solve the equation in their head, and steer in to the lane they think has the correct answer. Each game is 3 laps around a track for a total of 30 equations. Players can pause the game at any time.

Math Practice
For practicing math, players can select one operator only or play in random mode. For example, kids can focus on addition only or multiplication only. Players can switch operators during a game.

Difficulty Levels
Three levels of difficulty are available - Normal, Challenge and Hero. Equations are designed so that younger kids can be comfortable playing in Normal mode, and older kids can work up to Hero mode. Players can change the difficulty level during a game.

CarQuiz Options Screen

Player Options
Players will have the option to choose between different characters, different cars, and different tracks. Once the player earns enough tokens, they can trade them in for pets that ride along with the player.

Family Sharing
Players can use up to 5 different profiles to track player progress and see stats. Each profile stores a name, car choice, character choice, tokens earned, and your overall score. Perfect for friends and family to use together.

Each game in CarQuiz lasts about 5 minutes - perfect for trips in the car, at the airport, or anytime your kid needs a boost to their math skills.

CarQuiz is designed for the player to play right away, and is very simple to use. The game includes tutorials to help players navigate the features of the game. Mental Math Tutorials are available to help players solve mental math equations quickly.
Visit http://www.smilemorestudios.com/support.htm for more information.

App Details

Works Without Internet
This app does not require an Internet connection to function.

No Personal Information
This app does not collect personal information

In-App Purchasing
This app does not currently offer items for in-app purchasing.
In future versions, we may opt to have in-app purchases available
for purchasing tokens only. Tokens are used to unlock more content.

No Web Browsing
This app does not allow web browsing from within the app.

No Related Apps
This app does not show information about related apps.

No Social Networks
This app does not connect to social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

No Ads
This app does not include in-app advertising.

No Anonymous Info
This app does not collect anonymous usage information.

Privacy Policy


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